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Katherine Mayhew

Katherine is a Princeton University student completing a summer internship in the Marketing Department at Palo Alto Software.

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It’s No Secret: Social Media is Going Corporate

If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest (or any other social media platforms), you’ve no doubt noticed the flux of businesses with an online presence over the past few years. Today, it’s a crucial part of nearly every company’s marketing plan: it’s easy, effective, and free. According to this infographic, 94% of businesses use social... Read more »


Pep Up Your Productivity Level at Work

You know those days when you just can’t focus on work? You’re preoccupied with your family life, or you’re dying to get outside, or you just can’t keep your eyes open. For whatever reason, your mind is anywhere other than what you should be working on. Every day, we lose quality work time due to... Read more »


The Skype’s The Limit

Skype isn’t a new tool–but it’s a very powerful one, and it is still realizing its potential. The ability to make free phone and video calls online is quickly changing the way the world does business. Now more than ever before, location is irrelevant when it comes to working together. For example, our very own... Read more »


See Jane Earn: Working Women Today

It’s not a secret that women are finally catching up to their male counterparts in the business world. Recently, stories about (and from) high-powered business women Sheryl Sandberg, Annemarie Slaughter, and Marissa Meyer have once again brought working women into the public eye, but are they really representing a national trend? According to this infographic,... Read more »


3 Reasons Why Now is The Best Time for Women Entrepreneurs

According to data from the US Census, in 2011 women received 52% of all bachelor’s degrees awarded, and 55% of all master’s degrees. That’s impressive. But, according to this infographic, only 10% of venture-funded start-ups are women-owned–and that number dips below 5% for tech start-ups. What’s going on? Sure, there are still barriers (you may... Read more »


Starting Somewhere

With the first few weeks of my internship complete, I’ve learned a lot. Mostly, I’ve learned that I don’t know much. College teaches you how to study, not how to work. It’s certainly humbling to be thrust into an established work culture where everyone has a specific job and knows exactly what to do and... Read more »


Finding a Career After College and Why it’s Okay to not Follow the Beaten Path

Are you a college student thinking about your future? Well, I am, and let me tell you: it’s scary. It seems like many of my peers are on the fast-track to immediately become an investment banker on Wall Street, or to go to medical or law school upon graduation. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that;... Read more »