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Kayla Matthews is a business blogger with a passion for green initiatives and workplace satisfaction. Follow her on her blog Productivity Theory to learn more about her.

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9 Strategies to Boost Employee Productivity During the Holiday Season

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How to Keep Your Team Productive Around the Holidays

As Halloween comes to a close and attention turns to Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, you’ll probably notice a perceptible dip in employee productivity. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations—and expectations—your team members are pulled in many different directions. Unfortunately, work productivity tends to suffer during this period. Although it’s impossible to... Read more »


10 Employee Incentives All Business Leaders Can Afford

So many things in this world are about the almighty dollar, but job satisfaction doesn’t have to be one of them. Giving your employees raises may help their short-term happiness, but if you want those employees to stay on, you need to offer them incentives that they can’t get elsewhere. Anyone can hand out a... Read more »


How Green Initiatives Can Benefit Your Business

In operating your own business, determining your “return on investment” is always top of mind when making decisions. One big decision for your company is whether to implement green initiatives, and that includes everything from reducing energy consumption to wasting less paper. “When considering the decision to “go green,” look at both the short and... Read more »