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If Your Business Is Hurting, Should You File for Bankruptcy?

If your business has been experiencing financial difficulty for some time, is filing for bankruptcy the appropriate step? And if so, what bankruptcy options do you have? If the real problem is anticipating when cash will next be available, you may want to review our guides on cash flow: How and Why to Manage Cash... Read more »


Take Advantage of a New Trend: Big Businesses Look to Small to Innovate

An increasing number of big companies are hiring small businesses to help them develop innovative products, processes, and procedures. If your company is an innovator, you may be able to team up with larger firms to grow your business much more rapidly. Many small businesses see themselves mainly as competitors with larger companies in their... Read more »


Lenders Face Serious Issues in Taking Bitcoin as Collateral

Despite the recent turmoil in the bitcoin market, this cryptocurrency remains, at the moment, a viable medium of exchange that may be on the rise again. For example, the satellite TV company Dish Network announced in late May that by September, it will become the largest company yet to accept payment in bitcoin through the payment processor Coinbase.... Read more »


Lending to Small Business Picks up

It’s finally getting a little easier for small businesses to obtain the funds they need to invest in and grow their operations. Statistics from a variety of sources indicate a gradual loosening of lending to small businesses around the country. The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), for one, reported in January that in its most... Read more »


Asset-Based Lending vs. Traditional Bank Lending: Which is Right for You?

Companies seeking financing to maintain and grow their business will often look first to traditional unsecured bank loans, since that is usually the least costly form of borrowing available. However, many small businesses are either:  Growing rapidly,  Do not have a lengthy track record; or  Do not have a sufficiently high credit rating As a result,... Read more »


Need Immediate Cash? Consider a Factoring Contract

Factoring your receivables enables you to obtain immediate cash to operate your business, without waiting 30 to 90 days, or even longer, for your customers and other creditors to pay down their invoices. But when entering into a factoring arrangement, as with any contractual relationship, it is important to understand the issues and requirements contained... Read more »