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What make companies stellar performers? According to Linda Finkle, CEO of Incedo Group, it is the ability to communicate at all levels of the organization that makes them develop good strategies, work together to carry them out, and improve the bottom line. For over 25 years, she has left people talking, laughing, – and working together more effectively –both in her own company and in businesses across the country For more of Linda’s captivating style, check out: www.incedogroup.com or www.findingtheforkintheroad.com.

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Employee Accountability: Is It a Lost Cause?

Executives and business owners ask me about employee accountability all the time. They want to know how to make employees accountable. I’d like to give you a resounding yes! Yes, you can improve employee accountability! But unfortunately I can’t tell you that. I don’t believe employee accountability is a lost cause, but so many factors have an impact on the problem... Read more »


Creating a Sales Culture

Sales are the driving force behind any company. Let’s face it, without sales there won’t be a company for very long. Because sales are so vital to an organization, how does one create a sales culture that works? Culture is the sum of the values, customs, traditions and beliefs that make a company unique. Basically... Read more »


To Secure Investor Funding Improve Your Presentation Skills

For the last several years YPO (Young President’s Organization) has held a “Raising Capital Conference” to teach entrepreneurs and CEOs who want to raise venture capital how to make successful pitches to investors. They firmly believe that if you improve your presentation skills, you will increase your chances of getting investors to say ‘yes.’ Your... Read more »


Improving Listening Skills: The First Step in Better Communication

I work with a lot of people and companies on improving their communication skills. Whether a company or individual hires me because there is a serious problem or they recognize that poor or ineffective business communication skills are hindering them in some way, the root cause is always the same: They don’t listen, but they... Read more »