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Marc Prosser is the publisher and co-founder of Fit Small Business, a "how to" publication for small business owners. Prior to starting Fit Small Business, Marc Prosser served as the Chief Marketing Officer of FXCM (NYSE:FXCM). During his eleven year tenure as CMO, the company grew from under 10 people to over 500 employees located throughout the globe.

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Is a Lender or Broker Deceiving You? Here’s How to Tell

Anyone who has spent any time in the loan industry knows how perilous it can be for small business owners. Due to the complicated nature of loans and legal speak, brokers and lenders often try to take advantage of small business owners. That’s why we have written this article, to explain three ways brokers and... Read more »


Offering Health Insurance? Questions Small Businesses Should Ask

Unlike businesses with 50 or more employees, the Affordable Care Act does not require small businesses to offer health insurance to their employees. Still, you might consider adding a health benefits package to keep your employees happy, healthy, and dedicated to their jobs. Here are five questions you should ask to determine if health benefits are right... Read more »


How to Choose the Best CRM for Your Business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a must for every B2B business and most consumer businesses. CRM software enables a business to record contact information, track interactions, and plan follow-up tasks with clients. Businesses that don’t have CRM software do the same task much less efficiently, through a combination of email inboxes, spreadsheets, and calendars.... Read more »


4 Easy Steps to Increase Your Business’s Online Security

Cyber theft is no longer just a big-business problem, and the conversation concerning cyber security can be confusing and complex. The important question really is: What can you do to protect your business from cyber threats? Here are four easy steps you can take to make your business more secure and protect your customers’ sensitive... Read more »


3 Hurdles to Getting a Bank Loan and How to Overcome Them

The percentage of total bank business loans that go to small businesses is in a steady decline, from over 50% in 1995, to under 30% in 2012. While it is harder than ever for small businesses to get a bank loan, it’s not impossible. Here are three of the primary hurdles you will encounter when... Read more »