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Shrad has always been passionate about entrepreneurship because it allows him the ability to influence change, make decisions and most of all, choose the company he keeps. After meeting his future business partner, Bill Murphy in Halifax, NS, they decided to tackle the challenge of building work-flow and productivity apps for small businesses, starting with simplifying the function of payroll. That's how Wagepoint was born. Wagepoint's mission is to help small businesses owners feel awesome about payroll. Shrad has a business degree with a background in Financial and Business Analysis. He has lived and traveled all over the globe and now considers New York City as his home. Shrad's leadership style involves making Wagepoint's employees giddy-happy and to that end, he is constantly engaging in new experiments to challenge existing workplace norms.

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When and How to Outsource Your Payroll

One of the most important aspects of running a business is managing payroll—from the minute your first employee (even you!) starts working, you need a payroll system. But small businesses often lack the adequate resources, time, and money to handle payroll in-house. You need to spend all your time doing what you do best and... Read more »