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Tara Hornor has found her passion writing on topics of branding, web and graphic design, photography, marketing, and advertising. She is Senior Editor for CreativeContentExperts.com, and a former writer for PrintPlace.com.

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Tips for Using Postcards as Direct Mail Coupons

As a small business owner, you are probably always on the lookout for the most effective way to promote your company, to draw new customers, and to encourage current customers to do business with you again. One excellent way to encourage prospects and customers to use your services or purchase your products rather than your... Read more »


Location-Based Advertising: Good for Small Businesses?

There are so many different methods for advertising, from traditional print methods such as with direct mail booklets, online advertising such as Google Adwords, TV commercials, radio ads, and much more. One method of advertising that should never be overlooked for certain small businesses is that of location-based advertising. This method is still a form of... Read more »


Are You Keeping Up with Modern Consumer Trends?

If you are a business owner, keeping up with modern consumer trends is a necessity. When you know what consumers are doing and what they are interested in, you will be able to effectively advertise and market for your products and/or services that you have to offer. There are a number of consumer trends that... Read more »


How to Take Calculated Risks in Business to Reduce Losses

As a business owner, you have to be willing to take risks. Risk defines entrepreneurialism. But not all risk is equal. That’s where you have to take some time and make some careful decisions regarding which risks present the highest reward for the effort. You may have heard the term “risk adjusted return on investment”.... Read more »


The Triple Constraints of Projects and Implementation

Let’s face it—as a small business owner or manager, you are essentially a project manager. Rarely do you get to focus on your specialty. You direct the work of others, make the big decisions, probably handle the bid and proposal quoting process, and complete lots of other day-to-day tasks just to keep things running. So... Read more »


How to Write Guest Posts That Bloggers Accept

For those interested in expanding beyond the bounds of their own blogs, writing guests posts is an excellent way to build a reputation within your industry. The “why” of guest blogging is pretty straightforward—unlike emails or newsletter postcard campaigns that only build rapport with clients, guest blogging  builds your expertise and connections within your industry, not to mention... Read more »


Tips for Researching Your Audience to Improve Blog Posts

Every blog owner finds himself or herself wondering how they can improve their site to engage visitors, build relationships, and of course grow revenues. The good news is that you are your best source of information! With print advertising, such as flyer printing or postcards, you have a limited number of options for gathering information,... Read more »


Building Trust with Quality Website Content

  When asked what’s the most important thing to a website owner for building their site, often the response revolves around ad revenues or social media management tools. But both of these answers ignore the most fundamental part of ensuring long-term growth: trust between the site and the visitors. Without trust, why should readers return?... Read more »


How to build a better training program

As a small business owner, you may never see the need to grow your company so that you have more than a few employees. Or maybe you never plan to hire even one employee. So, does this mean that you will never have to develop a training plan? Probably not. Even if you never hire... Read more »


What Every Woman Business Owner Needs to Know to Succeed

It’s a tough world out there, no matter the industry of a business, and it takes a thick-skinned person with persistence and tenacity to be successful in any small business. For women, some of the challenges can be especially difficult. In the U.S. we have come a long way from the Women’s Right Movement in... Read more »