Customer Service

Let them eat cake!

Read this great post at Marketing Prof’s Daily Fix about how to send better emails to your customers and give them what they actually want. I think this is the most important point: Don’t serve tofu when you promised turkey. Make sure you send your subscribers the kind of email they signed up for. If...

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Hire People With Brains!

I just posted on Mommy CEO about a great business, ZAPPOS.COM. I think the biggest takeaway from this business is that they have obviously understood that an excellent customer experience will be the competitive differentiator that will make them successful. I think, based on what I know about ZAPPOS, that they have accomplished this by...

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Does Everyone on Your Team Agree on Customer Service?

Paul Williams over at Marketing Profs Daily Fix, has a fascinating post about “Service Language.” He worked on the “Green Apron Book” for Starbucks employees to make sure that they are always on the same page about customer service. I had never thought about making sure everyone in the company speaks the same “service” language,...

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We don’t need no stinking customers

There’s a great place for lunch, right near the office. I find myself going there at least three times a week because it’s affordable (under six bucks) and VERY healthy. Let’s call this restaurant “Yummy.” So at least three times a week I call Yummy to place an order so that it’s ready for me...

By Sabrina Parsons |

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