Economic Pit and Pendulum

Funny thing about confidence and the economic climate . . . and good to remember these days: The pendulum usually swings too far. When things are up, they seem more up than what they really are; and when things are down, they seem worse. Reality is somewhere in between. I like this reflection by Jeffrey...

By Tim Berry |

Microsoft for Startups

If you’re involved with a software-related startup business that is less than 3 years old, with less than $1 million in annual sales, then you qualify for special help–lots of free development software and extra Microsoft support–through Microsoft’s BizSpark program. What you get for that is a package of development software. Here’s a list from the...

By Tim Berry |

What’s a Board of Advisors? Why Have One?

Riddle: What do you call a board of directors that has no power? Riddle: What sounds official and legal but probably isn’t; sounds expensive and probably isn’t; sounds like a good idea and might be, or not; depending on who you are and how you implement it? You guessed right: The board of advisors. Here’s...

By Tim Berry |

The Psychology of Email

The science behind email behavior is extensive, I’m sure, and not something that I purport to know much about, from a factual standpoint. Most of the email-based thoughts and assumptions I make throughout my day are driven by a fair bit of intuitiveness — with a dash and a half of instinct and a peppering...

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New Way to Build Software Sharing Teams

The simple pitch at fairsoftware.net is very attractive: Team up (find people you can trust), sell, share (reward your team). Our unique system is powered by a legally sound contract, the “Software Bill Of Rights,” in which virtual “shares” represent decision-making and revenue-sharing rights. It’s easy to give shares to anyone who helps out in...

By Tim Berry |

Email Begets Email

As small businesses get more Web savvy they are being told to understand email marketing and to use it as a great way to reach their customers. For the first time in a while I see great advice about email marketing: if you send it out — be ready to reply to it. Seth Godin...

By Sabrina Parsons |

Duct Tape Marketing Reviews Email Center Pro!

I want to thank John Jantsch, marketing guru extraordinaire, for writing up a great blog post on Email Center Pro: Making Sense of the Email Madness. Its nice to see people understanding what a good email service can do for a small business. Thanks John! Sabrina Parsons aka Mommy CEO www.emailcenterpro.com

By Sabrina Parsons |

The 4 People Every Business Owner Needs

Those four people are the cheerleader, the role model, the expert and the techie. I liked this piece by Rich Mintzer posted yesterday on Entrepreneur.com. Good stuff. Here’s the link: The 4 People Every Business Owner Needs

By Tim Berry |

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