Managing a Business

10 Things Your eCommerce Business Needs to Thrive

Whether you’re still in the planning stages of starting an ecommerce business, or want to evaluate why sales are slowing, here are 10 things to consider.

By Ronak Meghani |

Symptoms of Common Cash Flow Problems: Identify and Fix Them

Cash flow problems aren’t out of your control—and they’re not unpredictable. Here's how to fix cash flow issues, and prevent them in the first place.

By Anna Eschenburg |

8 Ways to Get More Customers and Grow Your Business

Growing your customer base is essential for business success—but it's also easier said than done. How do you get more customers for your business?

By Briana Morgaine |

3 Good Reasons Why Nonprofits Need Better Budgets

Budgets are an important tool for nonprofits—both from a legal standpoint, and to keep investors and donors engaged and happy. Here's how to improve the budgeting process within your nonprofit.

By Sabrina Parsons |

7 Key Insights You Can Get From Analyzing Your Financial Statements

While going through your financial statements each month may seem like a formality, it can help you get a much better understanding of your business and show you what you need to do to grow.

By Vinnie Fisher |

8 Visual Search Optimization Tips for Your Business Website

If you’re not optimizing your website for visual search, you’ll be left behind as the trend continues on an upward swing. Here's how to do it.

By Hope Horner |

4 Tactics for Business Growth and Expansion

Once you've got a handle on your financials, it's time to turn your attention to business growth and expansion. Here are 4 tactics that will help you grow your business.

By Anna Eschenburg |

30 Cost Cutting Tips for Small Businesses and Startups

Every business can benefit from saving money. These tips will help you reduce costs within your business, whether you're established or just starting out.

By Angelique O'Rourke |

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