Ask Tim Berry

Are Business Plans Just for Investors?

Business planning expert Tim Berry addresses the chorus of recent high-profile articles that treat business planning as an activity focused solely on attracting investment. Duration: 2:28

Are All Business Plans Wrong?

Business planning expert Tim Berry explains why ongoing planning is essential, even if your initial plan doesn’t get everything right. Duration: 3:15

Tim Berry Explains the Elevator Pitch

Business planning expert Tim Berry talks about the business pitch, how to craft your pitch, what your goals should be, and what investors want to hear. Duration: 3:11

3 Common Questions About Business Planning

Business planning expert Tim Berry answers three common questions he gets: Why write a business plan? What ’s most often misunderstood about business planning? Why do I recommend Business Plan Pro for business planning? Duration: 4:12  

What Sort of Plan Do You Need?

Tim Berry, author of The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan and founder of Palo Alto Software, explains how your business plan should be tailored to match your specific objectives. Duration: 5:10  

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