Affordable Ways to Create Creative Workspaces

If the free flow of ideas is important to business operations, regardless of whether you’re a sole-trader or a business with 20 employees, you’re going to want to build an environment that breeds creativity. You’ve probably already heard about Google’s crazily creative office setups, each one different from the last—an indoor slide, chalets inside the office,...

By Lisa Furgison |

Relationships Matter: Strategic Account Management (SAM) in Business

“Relationships matter in this business.” It’s an old maxim we’ve heard repeated since time immemorial—in reference to, it seems, just about every business under the sun. But at the end of the day, do better relationships actually translate into revenue? A growing body of research suggests that they do—and the difference is staggering. A study...

By Mike McAtavey |

How to Keep Your Team Productive Around the Holidays

As Halloween comes to a close and attention turns to Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, you’ll probably notice a perceptible dip in employee productivity. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations—and expectations—your team members are pulled in many different directions. Unfortunately, work productivity tends to suffer during this period. Although it’s impossible to...

By Kayla Matthews |

Ten Tools You Can Start Using Today to Maximize Your Productivity

Everyone wants to be productive. In fact, most people are looking for ways to become more productive than they already are. Just this morning, we posted about ways to be productive even during your down time and I have to say, having tried the Pomodoro Technique myself, I can vouch for the efficacy of that method....

By Angelique O'Rourke |

How to Be Productive, Even During Downtime

With all the updates from Apple being released lately, I’ve been spending more time than usual sitting at my desk waiting for files to download or for my computer to restart. It’s a common time-waster for me, even when it’s not release season at Apple. I’m often sitting at my desk waiting for a file...

By Belle Beth Cooper |

What Defines Your Company Culture?

Company culture is a hot topic lately, and for good reason. Recent research shows that especially among younger generations, people want their employers to not only provide them with an income, but meaningful work, and a positive environment. We’ve all heard the famous phrase: Culture eats strategy for breakfast. In short, your company culture determines much of...

By Angelique O'Rourke |

Sleep Your Way to Higher Productivity

I’ve been feeling really tired lately. It’s that tired feeling that drags on for days and days until you finally give in and have a real rest from work (I’ve planned a week off in October). Trying to work on projects that require lots of thought, mental clarity, and—I can’t even think of the word...

By Belle Beth Cooper |

What a Famous Comic Artist Can Teach You about Starting and Running a Business

I have always believed that if I want to learn something, I need to DO something. I need to take action. This is how I learned to cycle, how I learned to solder metal jewelry and how I learned to write fiction. That said, I find equal value in first reading about and learning as...

By Candice Landau |

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