Mommy CEO

Recently I transitioned into the role of CEO at Palo Alto Software. It has been an exciting few months as I really sink my teeth into running Palo Alto Software with a new management team.  But it has also been exhausting.  Besides being the CEO of Palo Alto Software I am also mommy to Timmy,...

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Latin Greeking

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Increase your vocabulary

According to academicians Mario Pei and Robert McCrum William Shakespeare, had a vocabulary of 30,000 words. The King James Bible (the first one translated and published in English and contemporaneous with Shakespeare) uses, according to authors Joseph Shipley and Charlton Laird, between 7,000 and 8,000 different words. Mario Pei sites a 20th century study of...

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English is so unique and can be so difficult

English is difficult to learn and use properly, whether it is your birth tongue or a second language. Incorrect or ambiguous usage can cause you, your business plan, and your company no end of problems. For an entertaining sojourn into English etymology pick up Bill Bryson‘s book The Mother Tongue: English and how it got...

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2B2B or Not 2B2B

Text messaging is big these days. Or rather, it is very small. The minuteness of our electronic communications devices and their tiny screens have turned us from a group of ham-fisted typists into thum-ba-dexterous comm wizards. What many folks don’t realize is that the texting use of shortened words is not new. It is auld,...

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Deal Journal – : MBAs are Once Again the Ticket to Wealth

Link: Deal Journal – : MBAs are Once Again the Ticket to Wealth. At we’re unsettled with the MBA phenomenon. Several of us have MBA degrees from brand-name schools (Stanford, Oxford, for example) and our software popularizes things learned at those schools. Still, our mission is to create software that brings key elements...

By Tim Berry |

The Fresh Look

Back in the 1970s when I was a foreign correspondent living in Mexico City, I dealt frequently with an American diplomat who provided information about Mexico’s increasing oil exports, which were a big story back then. We had lunch about once a month. He became a friend. Then one day he told me he was...

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