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5 Things You Should Never Tell a Client

Accounting. Marketing. Finance. Law. Realty. What do each of these sectors have in common? Although they come from all ends of the business world, each of these fields involves working for a client. In business, the client relationship is unique. A client should always be able to trust his service provider, expect top-notch deliverables, and...

By Bert Doerhoff |

7 Steps to Client Relationship Harmony

A strong business is built on relationships. Producing solid work is a given, but it is the people behind the work product, those that manage the process, and the expectations and outcomes that drive the success of a campaign. Keeping a client happy may seem more like the work of a psychologist sometimes, but there...

By Amina AlTai |

How to use customer service to differentiate your business – Small business Spotlight

Every business needs to differentiate itself, to find a way to show the world how it’s unique and different. If you were to ask the owners of 10 hair salons which products or service they sell or provide, most would probably start with “hair styling and coloring” or something along those lines. And you wouldn’t...

By Palo Alto Software |

The Secret to Creating Raving Fans: Good Customer Service Isn’t Enough

I’m old school. I came up in a time when the customer was always right (even when they weren’t!).  In my first job at Dunkin Donuts, I learned quickly what that meant. I was 14, given the job because my mother, who managed another store by the same owner decided I needed something to “keep me...

By Carolyn Higgins |

Turn a Negative Customer Service Experience into a Positive

While you would like to think that all your customers will enjoy their experiences with your products and services, the truth is that is not reality. All companies are faced at times with customers who lo and behold will make things difficult for a customer service rep, a manager or even the big boss. The...

By Dave Thomas |

Customer Relationships Key to Restaurant Success

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is frequently cited as one of the top ten travel destinations in the world. Expensive resorts line pristine beaches and cater to the rich and famous. Yet one of the most popular beachfront restaurants in the area isn’t associated with any of the typical tourist venues. Zipper’s Beachfront Restaurant is a...

By Susan Solovic |

Is Your Small Business Annoying Your Customers?

Marketing is about more than attracting new customers to do business with us – it s about keeping, nurturing, and “wowing” the ones we have so they buy from us again and again and rant and rave about our company to everyone they know.

By Carolyn Higgins |

Business As Usual

“Your usual?” I nod and smile, anticipation already setting in for my medium white chocolate annihilator coffee. “Thanks,” I answer. I hear the chatter of my co-workers around me, feel the warmth of the sunshine and stare at the moving traffic going by. I idly play with the Big Name Coffee Franchise coffee-sleeve in my...

By Palo Alto Software |

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