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Overview of the Players in the SBA Lending Process

The SBA is one of the most vibrant sources of funds and tools for small business owners. Their lending programs, especially the 504 program, make it possible for all types of small businesses to secure needed funds to continue to grow their business. It takes many people to successfully secure and close an SBA loan....

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The Five C’s For Making Your Business Credit-Worthy

There comes a time when every business must secure financing to cover their growing needs. Whether it’s to buy new equipment, purchase land, improve an existing location, or to just give your business a little breathing room, a loan can sometimes mean the difference between making it to the next level and falling behind your...

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What Lenders Look for in a Business Plan

Your business plan is the foundation of your business. It defines your vision and mission, and serves as a road map as you move forward. It’s one of the most important documents you’ll ever create. It’s also an invaluable tool when it comes time to apply for a business loan. What lenders look for in...

By Helena Hauk |

New SBA lending program promising approval in minutes

The Small Business Administration has announced an all new “Small Loan Advantage and Community Advantage Loan Initiatives”  program. From the website: “SBA is committed to expanding access to capital for small businesses and entrepreneurs in under-served communities so that we can drive economic growth and job creation.” The new initiatives promise a smaller application...

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Is Small-Business Credit Starting to Flow?

I just saw Denise O’Berry’s post “Credit Becoming Available to Small Business Again (Slowly)” on her Small Business Expert blog. Denise knows this territory very well because she focuses a lot of her work on the financial side of small-business management. She says: It’s been a long, dry spell, but I think things are slowly...

By Tim Berry |

Need Credit? Plan Ahead

Sad but true: Compare these two scenarios, holding everything else–the company, its history, its credit rating, its founders’ credit rating and its balance sheet–constant: Scenario 1: Company goes to the bank in April with business plan output showing they’re going to need a bridge loan to finance an expansion over the summer. Scenario 2: Company...

By Tim Berry |

Good News from the SBA on Business Loans

Here’s some good news from the Wall Street Journal’s Independent Street blog: SBA Loan Programs Getting Back on Track: “It’s finally happening. Efforts to get money to capital-strapped small businesses are beginning to work, as banks have returned to making loans backed by the federal government, says Karen Gordon Mills, the new Small Business Administration...

By Tim Berry |

Grants and Such: Alice, Welcome to Wonderland

I got this question today in the ask the expert area, and it’s one that I get often enough, so I decided to post my answer on this blog. Question: Are there funds available for a minority women owned business? Answer: These things change fast, so make sure to update yourself on whatever I...

By Tim Berry |

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