The founding of floral startup BloomNation reads like the plot of a Hollywood movie, and is sure to inspire budding entrepreneurs.

Funding a Business

BloomNation: An Unconventional Startup Story

It’s like the plot of a Hollywood movie: Three best friends, with no prior business experience, decide to band together and form a startup business. They hope to create an innovative platform that will shake up the floral industry, and help both customers and florists alike. But, of course, they need funding—and wouldn’t you know...

By Briana Morgaine |

Is Bad Body Language Ruining Your Pitch? Here’s How to Fix It

During my sophomore year of college, I took a speech class called Intro to Public Speaking. Our final project was a 10 minute speech on a topic of our choosing. We were allowed note cards, visuals—anything that would help us give an engaging presentation. Sounds easy enough, right? I thought so, until I saw some...

By Briana Morgaine |

11 Angel Investor Blogs You Should Be Reading

In the business world, angel investors are sometimes equated with actual angels, sent to help us fund what could not otherwise be funded. These guardian angels of innovation are responsible for bringing many new ideas to life. The thing is, many of us—most notably those seeking investment—don’t know a lot about what angel investors are...

By Noah Parsons |

Why My Crowdfunding Campaign Failed

Crowdfunding has a reputation as an accessible way to secure funding for startups and small businesses. It’s quick and easy; just throw up your video, backers start investing their money, and you’re set. Anyone can do it, right? The truth is, it’s far from that simple. For every story of someone whose project went viral...

By Angelique O'Rourke |

My Favorite Patreon Profiles

How many creators today would love to have the modern equivalent of a court patron, a wealthy benefactor such as a king who supported their work as a musician, writer, or artist, while they continued to create? It sounds like an ideal situation—the artist receives enough funding to work creatively, and the patron is rewarded...

By Briana Morgaine |

17 Venture Capital Blogs You Should Be Reading

Whether or not you’re raising money for your business, getting advice from venture capitalists can be invaluable. But, getting in the doors of a Sand Hill Road VC in Silicon Valley can be an incredibly difficult undertaking. Fortunately, many of the top VCs share their thoughts on their blogs and are full of advice for...

By Noah Parsons |

8 Quick Tips on How to Establish Business Credit and Get Financing

Have you ever been denied for business financing? If so, you’re not alone. More than 50% of small business owners who apply for financing get nothing. Personal and business credit scores are the primary cause for denial. If you haven’t taken the time to establish strong business credit, now is the time to start. I...

By Levi King |

The 10 Best Side Businesses to Fund Your Startup (Plus One Unexpected Suggestion)

This article is part of our “Business Startup Guide” – a curated list of our articles that will get you up and running in no time! So, you have a great idea for a new business? The thing is, getting started isn’t as straightforward as some people make it sound. What if you need a little...

By Briana Morgaine |

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The founding of floral startup BloomNation reads like the plot of a Hollywood movie, and is sure to inspire budding entrepreneurs.