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New Employee? Make a Positive First Impression!

So you’ve decided to add to your team. Good for you. You’re focused on growing your business. And now that you’ve found the right candidate and sealed the deal so to speak, you may think the hard work is over. Let me assure you, the work has just begun, and it’s important you get it...

By Susan Solovic |

Putting Out Fires with Troubled Employees

If you’ve ever held a managerial role, you have undoubtedly come across the problem employee. Whether they purposefully go out of their way to be an issue in the workplace or not, they become an issue the moment they start causing problems. While those problems can be professional and/or personal, the main goal is to...

By Dave Thomas |

Are You Treating Your Long-term Employees Well?

A recent post You Probably Mistreat Your Best Clients, by Tim Berry on his Planning Startup Stories got me thinking about a corollary … Do businesses treat their new hires better than their existing long-term employees? Berry asks: Do your long-term loyal clients get the worst treatment? Do they pay the highest rates? Do you...

By |

Due Diligence is Necessary When Hiring Consultants

“Being big egzpurt, I am.” Just because someone bruits themselves this way doesn’t mean you should simply take them at their word. It saddens me that I have to be mistrusting of people, but as one of my favorite aphorisms says, “Just because you’re not paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you.” We start our...

By Tim Berry |

3 Steps Before Hiring a Social Media Expert

I really liked “3 Ways to Know if You’re Dealing with a Real Social Media Guru” by Doyle Slayton of Simple, obvious, one of those “Ah-ha!” items you get when something is simple and obvious but, to be honest, only after somebody else has said it. With all the talk about who’s an expert...

By Tim Berry |

Job Seekers, References and Time Bombs

Job references. Do you assume your past employers will just verify employment and shut up? Don’t assume. Are you hiring people? Check references. Don’t assume that just because a candidate gave you the name, the references will be good. Do your homework. I know nothing about Allison & Taylor, which calls itself “the nation’s leading...

By Tim Berry |

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