Law and Taxes

How to Pick the Right Attorney for Your Startup

Picking the right attorney in your startup is as important as picking the right business partner. You can’t underestimate the importance of selecting an attorney who “gets” your business model, your market opportunity, and most importantly, your fundraising and exit strategy.

How to Form a Corporation

Starting a business and wondering how to form a corporation? If you’ve decided to incorporate as a C corp, S corp, or B corp, here's what to do.

How to Apply for an EIN: Federal Tax ID Number

A federal tax ID number is also known as a federal employer identification number—also called an EIN or FEIN. Here's how to figure out if you need a federal employer identification number, and how to apply for one.

How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Will Affect Your Small Business

Now that tax season is just around the corner, you’re probably wondering (or outright worrying!) about how the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which took effect in 2018, will affect your tax picture this year and beyond. Here's how your business could be impacted.

Last-Minute (and Year-Round) Tax Tips for Small Businesses

If you haven’t already filed your taxes, now is the time to get your information together to ensure that they’re filed on time and avoid costly penalties and unnecessary stress. It’s also the perfect opportunity to start organizing your taxes for the next filing season.

What Small Businesses Need to Know About Nexus and Sales Tax

Until recently, sales tax wasn't a concern for online businesses—but now states can impose sales tax on remote sellers. So, if you run an online business (or you plan on starting one), here's what to keep in mind.

How to File Patents in Multiple Countries

Patent laws are country specific, which means a U.S. patent won’t protect your invention everywhere. Here's how to file a patent in multiple countries.

Should You Patent Your Idea?

You and your team have invented something unique. You have a hunch that this could be the next big thing. Should you protect your idea by filing a patent?

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