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4 Tax Filing Tips for New Startups

Small businesses, welcome to Uncle Sam’s favorite time of year! Though it may be Uncle Sam’s favorite, tax season is often less than anticipated with entrepreneurs, especially if you’re new to filing taxes for a business. How soon do I need to start hanging onto receipts? How should I tax my LLC? What can I...

By Deborah Sweeney |

Must-Know Tax Tips for Freelancers

When you become a freelancer, your relationship with Uncle Sam changes. And while it may not be April 15th yet, now is the time to learn about those changes, because you may find you’ve got some extra work to do.

By Kelly Gurnett |

9 Unexpected Ways a Lawyer Can Help Your Startup

We asked nine company founders what unexpected things they found themselves needing lawyers for in the early stages of their startups. Here's what they had to say.

By Scott Gerber |

Lessons Learned: How One Entrepreneur Lost His Business After an IRS Tax Audit

Accounting may seem like a dry business topic to talk about, but one business owner made a few mistakes, was audited, and lost his business. Learn from his mistakes.

By Lisa Furgison |

5 Tax Preparation Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know

A tax attorney offers five tax tips every entrepreneur should know when starting a company.

By Lisa Furgison |

3 Reasons Why an LLC Beats a Corporation

Looking at the two options side by side without any particular industry or business in mind, I’ll always think of an LLC as the better choice for these three reasons.

By Deborah Sweeney |

2013 UK Self-Employment Tax Guide: An Overview for Indebted Entrepreneurs

Take a proactive approach to accounting and filing and you'll be in much better position when it comes time to pay your self-employment taxes this year.

By Keith Tully |

2013 U.S. Self-Employment Tax Overview: A Guide for Indebted Entrepreneurs

Low on cash and worried about taxes? Accurately predict your tax obligations, and find as many tax breaks as possible, using this guide.

By Keith Tully |

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