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Cheap Money

The effect of a cheap money strategy on the future prospects of businesses can’t be underestimated.

By Michael Lockwood |

4 Reasons Why Credit Unions Are Better For Your Business

Credit unions are member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperatives. That means everyone who becomes a member owns a piece of the rock. No shareholders. No paid board of directors focused on profits. Every decision the credit union makes takes members into consideration first.

By Mandy Jones |

When (and Why) Should You Sign a Personal Guarantee to Secure Financing?

Over the next year, 61 percent of small business owners expect to expand their businesses. For many that will mean they will be in search of capital. What may surprise them is they may be required to sign a personal guarantee to secure financing. Below are seven things you need to know about personal guarantees....

By Michael Lockwood |

Four Credit Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Having a strong credit score certainly makes it easier to start up a new enterprise. Unfortunately, many business-savvy individuals have to put their entrepreneurial ventures on hold due to their poor—or sometimes nonexistent—credit histories. Building credit might seem impossible for many young entrepreneurs, especially if they’re in school. However, the more they learn about basic...

By Danielle Rodabaugh |

8 Ways to Clean up Your Business Credit Report

A complete and accurate business credit report is like a gourmet meal to a loan underwriter.  Your business credit report is important for your company getting a business loan, because it tends to verify the information provided in your credit application and business plan.  Much like a personal credit report, unless it is managed, the...

By Michael Lockwood |

5 Tips to Getting Small Business Financing

It’s no secret that small businesses can have a hard time getting financing. So before you approach lenders, make sure you ask yourself: how can I maximize my chances of getting credit approval? Here are five simple things you can do to up the odds of  getting your funding  approved. Demonstrate that your business generates...

By Michael Lockwood |

Funding for Philanthropic Efforts Requires More Effort Than Normal

One sad fact in our capitalistic world is that funding for many worthwhile efforts is often difficult to obtain if there is not a direct profit opportunity to be had.  Non-profit’s and local community leaders need special assistance, especially in developing countries, to gain access to appropriate resources of capital devoted to their respective purposes....

By Tom Cleveland |

A Brief Introduction to the SBA Loan Programs

Interested in an SBA loan? Learn about the 7(a), CDC/504, microloan and disaster loan options offered by the SBA.

By Helena Hauk |

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