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Elevator Pitch Part 2: Sell Yourself

(Note: this is taken with permission from Planning Startups Stories) In the next part of your elevator pitch address ‘why you’? Why your business? What’s special about you that makes your offering or solution interesting to the target person or organization you just identified (Part 1 of this series). This is where you bring in...

By Tim Berry |

No Business Plan Required: Dumb and Dumber

I’m sorry, but I’m angry this morning. I just saw another blogger, who knows better, bad-mouthing the business plan as part of the startup; because investors want to know you and see your pitch first, instead of just reading a business plan. Are the following points not so obvious that I have a right to...

By Tim Berry |

Personalize Your Pitch

(Reposted with permission from Planning Startups Stories) If you can’t say it in 60 seconds, you have a problem. Your strategy isn’t clear enough. Nowadays we call it “the elevator pitch,” meaning a quick description of the business that you could do in the time you share with a stranger in an elevator. It’s becoming...

By Tim Berry |

Are You Pitching Your Business Naked?

You are if you don’t have a business plan first. Seriously: how can you boil it down to the core if you don’t know your basic strategy such as your identity, market, and focus? How can you set a scale to it without some idea of reasonable expectations in sales? How can you possibly talk...

By Tim Berry |

10 Things to Know Before You Start

This is a TED talk, just released on the TEDblog yesterday, although it was recorded last year. David Rose presents it as 10 things you need to know before you pitch your plan to a venture capitalist. I think it’s more universal than just pitching to venture capitalists; it applies just as well to talking...

By Tim Berry |

Using Video to Pitch Your Business Plan

I met with Emmett Kilduff, Founder & CEO of London based cmypitch.com [see my pitch]last week. Cmypitch.com is an online community for entrepreneurs and business owners. It has a focus on using video as a means for entrepreneurs to engage with prospective investors, and relevant service providers. This trend towards the use of video was...

By Alan Gleeson |

Where’d You Get That Idea?

Imagine yourself in a conference room, presenting your business plan to potential investors. How do you answer the question: “Where’d you get that idea?” This comes to my mind today because of a post I read yesterday on Ask the VC. An e-mailer asked what it means when investors ask that question: Are they looking...

By Tim Berry |

Pitching a Business Plan: Lessons From An Inconvenient Truth

I recently watched Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, and found it compelling viewing. It is an excellent production and helped shine a powerful spotlight on climate change, the challenges we face and some steps we can take to reduce the effects we are causing(1). It painted a very bleak picture for the future of...

By Alan Gleeson |

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