Starting a Business

How to Build a Restaurant Sales Forecast

There is no single right way to do a restaurant sales forecast. The best sales forecast method will vary according to how you manage information, how much past data you have access to, and what special factors drive your business. We'll walk you through an example restaurant sales forecast to help you build your own.

How to Protect IP When Outsourcing Software Development

When starting a business, a lot of founders are turning to international outsourcing. While this may be an innovative solution to your immediate need for tech talent, the question of how to protect your intellectual property when outsourcing software development has probably crossed your mind.

How to Choose a Business Location

Choosing the right business location is more than just picking a nice spot. It's about weighing the competition, understanding local zoning and regulations, considering your target market—and staying within your budget. Here's what to keep in mind when you're considering where to start your business.

Industry Analysis: Know Your Industry Before You Start Your Business

You need to know the industry you're starting a business in and the kind of business you want to start before you begin. Plus, if you're writing a business plan to present to outsiders, you'll need to explain the type of business you're in. Here's how to get to know your industry by conducting industry analysis.

The Complete Guide to Choosing Your Business Structure

What type of business structure is right for your new business? When it comes to business legal structures, there is no single “best choice"—but this guide will help you choose the right one for you.

How to Define Your Target Market

One of the most powerful tools of small business marketing strategy is defining and addressing your target market—the audience that you think is most likely to buy your product or service. Here's how to define your target market for your business.

How to Think About (and Reduce) Risk When You’re Starting Your Own Business

If your risk tolerance is low, don’t start a business—because most days will contain some risk or other. That being said, there are different levels of risk, and ways to reduce risk when you're starting and running a business. Here's how to assess and reduce risk as an entrepreneur.

Before You Buy a Hotel Business, Answer These 4 Questions

Buying a hotel is no small feat, but if you're ready to start a business, the hospitality industry can be a great place to become a small business owner. So, if you're considering buying a hotel business, here are the questions you should ask yourself first.

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