Success Stories

Meet the Grand Prize Entrepreneurs of the BEC Boost

Three top-notch business plans won their writers $35,000 in cash and prizes at this year's first-ever BEC Boost. Meet the entrepreneurs (and the companies) behind the winning plans.

How I Got My First Customer: I Marketed Myself, Not My Business

Cailen Ascher of CALM biz knew that before she could get people to buy from her, she needed them to get to know her, like her and trust her. So she poured her efforts into building an amazing reputation.

Mentoring With LivePlan: Success Story

David Calderon, a California high school teacher, was the mentor to two of the BEC Boost competition's grand prize winners. I had the chance recently to ask David about his successful experience coaching his students. This is what he had to say.

How I Got My First Customer: I Created A Fake Customer

Christian Gainsbrugh made up customers with very specialized needs and began "working for them" to build his portfolio.

How I Got My First Customer: I Found a Partner and Threw a Huge Event

Chardet Durbin partnered up with complementary businesses to pitch her fitness classes in Central Park, and customers loved it!

4 Companies Getting Video Right

It's one thing to discuss what the perfect video strategy entails, but another to watch companies that are getting it right.

How I Got My First Customer: I Guerilla-Marketed My Way Onto TV

Greg Doring's sales were slow until he said yes to a last-minute request from a news reporter and things started to take off.

How I Got My First Customer: I Offered A Better Deal

Dave advertised a faster turnaround time than his competitors in a targeted ad campaign, and his business took off.

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