Venture Capital and Angel Investors

5 Quick and Easy Info Sources About Angel Investment

If you’re looking for angel investors, then I have a resource list for you. This is a tiny fraction of good resources, more a “start-here” list than a good list. Start with’s knowledge section. (pronounced like a gust of wind) is a platform for angel investment, grouping together several hundred angel investor groups...

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Good 7-Point Summary on Raising VC Money

With so much “stuff” on the web about raising venture capital, I want to pass on this very good list of 7 tips for raising venture capital that I caught this morning when it was re-posted on Small Business Trends. The author, Prasad Thammineni, says he raised venture capital money last year, and it shows....

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Two Good Posts on Angel and VC Investment

Fred Wilson offers a good answer to a frequently asked question with his AVC: Angel vs. VC? post earlier this week. This is great timing, too, because both angel investment and venture capital are in the midst of rapid readjustment to longer-term changes in the economy of startups and entrepreneurship. He takes it as a...

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Is Venture Capital Broken?

Audrey Watters posted “Is Venture Capital Broken?” this weekend on ReadWriteWeb’s startup channel. The title is direct reference to an essay, titled “Venture Capital is Broken”, which angel investor Chris Sacca released as the “creed” of his new investment firm, Lowercase Capital. Here’s Audrey’s excellent summary: In it, Sacca observes that 10 years ago, it...

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Angels Rush in Where VC Fear to Tread

About three years ago I attended a Web 2.0 conference at which a couple of professional venture capitalists and a couple of successful angel investors talked about trends. This was before the great recession, but in the middle of the explosion of web apps and social media. One thing that came up repeatedly, then, was...

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Are Angel Groups Hiding Foxes in Henhouses?

If you read this blog regularly, then you know I’m a member of an angel investor group (Willamette Angel Conference) and a fan of, which our group, and hundreds of others, uses to manage the process. Still, I was quite concerned the other day to read the fox-in-henhouse problem posted in a very well-written...

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Angel Conference Decides Today

After sifting through almost 40 submissions, reading business plans, listening to pitches, talking to entrepreneurs, their customers, their attorneys (in some cases), plus a lot of discussion and comment and review and revision, today my local angel investor group–The Willamette Angel Conference–meets at the McDonald’s theater in Eugene, Ore. (my hometown) to choose its winner....

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Startup Myth: Investors Want the Best Companies

As I delve into my business plan marathon season, and the angel investment group I’m in starts looking in earnest at a flock of new companies, I find myself constantly bumping into several very common myths. This is first on my list. And no, by the way, it’s not an April Fool’s Day joke. The...

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