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3 Things I Look for in Angel Investing

I’m actively reviewing more than three dozen submissions as a member of the Willamette Angel Conference. I participate in the investment, and I get one vote. Our group is reviewing companies and will award a six-figure investment at an event held May 13 in Eugene, Oregon, my home town. Our behind-the-scenes process to review companies,...

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9 Tips Learned While Raising $33 Million

If you’re looking toward the high end of the startups world, meaning the best-of-the-best startups funded by serious venture capital, then I highly recommend reading 9 Quick Tips Learned While Raising $33 Million In Venture Capital, posted last month by Dharmesh Shah at OnStartups. Actually, even if you’re not at the high end, Dharmesh offers...

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5 Tips on Negotiating an Investment Deal

Last night I listened to attorney Karen McKercher presenting tips for negotiating an investment deal to a group of angel investors (the Willamette Angel Conference members). I think her list of five points is good reading for both sides of the table, both startup founders and angel investors. Here’s a summary (points are Karen’s, and...

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A Long and Winding Investment Road

Last night a friend tipped me off to this in e-mail. It’s a thorough, detailed description of one interesting company’s long and difficult Venture Capital Process. It’s written by Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz. It’s definitely a long and winding road. Rand warns us at the beginning that this is not an ordinary blog post....

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VCs On Art: They Know What They Like

Old saying: “I don’t know art, but I know what I like.” I was surprised to read that a Palo Alto, Calif., venture capital firm had invested in an art business. And perhaps it’s the surprise element that has this one featured recently in Business Week and The New York Times. It’s an $825,000 VC...

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Success by Listening, Correcting and Evolving

One proven way to build a company from zero to winning angel investment is by pitching, listening and correcting. Fill gaps. Strengthen weak points. Listen to your customers. I watched Precision Plant Systems pitch at the Bend Venture Conference last Friday for the third time in a year. The first time I was thoroughly unimpressed;...

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Looking at Angel Investors

I got an e-mail about this one overnight: Return of the Angels: How Angel Investment is Changing It’s a $40 evening affair in San Francisco, with a panel of three good speakers and a very interesting agenda. If I were in the San Francisco Bay area working on any kind of a startup, or even...

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Venture Capital–Time for V3.0?

I try to read Stu Phillips’ Soaring on Ridgelift whenever he posts. He’s a venture capitalist. He’s also, judging from his posts on the blog, a smart person, thoughtful about business, a good writer. And his latest–about the future of venture capital–is important. He acknowledges a lot of talk about venture capital being broken, but...

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