Writing a Business Plan

You Can Have Too Much Detail

This morning my email included a Business Plan Pro user asking me how to manage the minute detail of projected interest expense to allow for several different loans with differing rates and terms as part of a business plan. There is a way to do that in the software, but first, I suggest we think...

Business Plans Gone Wild

Tim has some nice quotes over at Forbes.com about some of the pitfalls of crafting a business plan. Specifically, Tim focuses on how to not use business plan software.

It’s the plan that counts

I spent today listening to presentations from contestants in the University of Oregon venture contest. It was amazing how the presentations gave life to some business plans that had been less than impressive when read in a vacuum. During today’s presentations, a company that had nearly been discounted based on the quality of their business...

What makes a great plan?

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently reading and judging business plans for a business plan competition at a well known MBA program. I have read some great plans and some not-so-great plans, but that is how it always turns out in any business plan competition. I thought it might be useful to talk...

Thousands of Term Papers!

Remember those ads in the back of Rolling Stone or any other magazine you read as a teenager? In our business, we are continually facing a conundrum with the use of sample business plans. While on the one hand they are truly useful as a resource to glean information and advice about the best way...

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