Writing a Business Plan

Q & A: Should the business plan we share with investors include the operational components of our plan?

Question: We are a software company and we are currently developing our Business Plan.  There is a debate as to whether the operational plan, or internally focused portion of the business plan, is actually included in the “external” business plan itself?  We intend to use the “external” business plan in the traditional sense to acquire...

What Makes a Good Plan?

By Tim Berry Is it the length of the plan? The information it covers? How well it’s written, or the brilliance of its strategy. No. The following illustration shows a business plan as part of a process. You can think about the good or bad of a plan as the plan itself, measuring its value...

Ownership Shares and Your Business Plan

by Tim Berry Most business plans, particularly start-up business plans, need to deal with shares at several key points. Shares are shares in ownership. This is why we talk about shares of stock, and we buy and sell shares on the stock market. Now, the simplest one-person business has no need for shares because nobody...

Developing a Successful Business Plan: Part 6

In part 6 of our series, Tim Berry discusses forecasting. Tim will teach you how to forecast sales, estimate costs, and how to produce an accurate profit & loss forecast. At the end of the day, forecasting is more of an art than a science and Tim will show you how to get the job...

Developing a Successful Business Plan: Part 5

Here’s part 5 in our series on creating a successful business plan hosted by Tim Berry. In Part 5, Tim focuses on the business plan financials. He reviews profit and loss, cash flow, and the balance sheet. Most importantly, Tim provides details on the differences between profits and cash flow.

Developing a Successful Business Plan: Part 4

In part 4 of our online business planning course, co-sponsored by the SBA, we look at the process of developing the body of your business plan. Tim Berry walks us through how to tell our company story, what a standard business plan outline looks like, and how to set objectives and milestones.

Developing a Successful Business Plan: Part 3

In part 3 of our Developing a Successful Business Plan series, Tim Berry discusses strategy – what makes good strategy and how to develop your own. He also reviews a strategy checklist.  

Developing a Successful Business Plan: Part 2

In today’s installment, Tim discusses how to analyze your current situation. He reviews the process of building a SWOT analysis, how to better understand your market and competition, and how to define your competitive advantage.

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