branding challenge day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of the Big Brand Challenge

On Day 1 and Day 2 of the challenge you laid the foundation for your brand. On Day 1 you defined who you are, on Day 2 you defined what you look like, and on Day 3 you  began the process of creating or updating your logo. Now it’s time to update your marketing materials! Then you can move on to Day 5, preparing for liftoff! 

For Day 4, you’re going to work through creating or updating your marketing materials. Let’s get started.

Create or update your marketing materials

Complete this checklist to make sure the essential marketing materials are in place for your business.

1. Your business needs signs

Your customers need to find you. Put the right face on your business with consistent signage that includes your logo.

2. Your business needs a website

You need to be online. Even if you’re an offline business, your customers will search for you online. You need to be there. If you don’t have a professional website, consider using one of the latest web-builder products like Weebly, SquareSpace, or Wix. There’s no coding necessary and you can be online in minutes.

3. Your business needs invoices, stationery, and Powerpoint

All of your communication needs to be consistent. Confirm that everything your business is putting out adheres to your brand guidelines and includes your logo.

4. Your business needs social media

Your customers will search for you on social. Make sure that all of your platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and so on) include your logo and follow your brand guidelines. Use one of the images you chose on Day 2 as your cover page. Let the world interact with your brand.

5. Your business needs flyers and brochures

Update all of your distributed pieces to include your new look. Printed materials have traditionally been expensive to create and distribute. New online printing services are helping to lower the costs. Don’t use outdated materials.

6. Your business needs t-shirts or uniforms

Who doesn’t love a great shirt? Update your uniforms, giveaways, and office wear with your new logo and colors. Giving your employees (or customers) a new shirt could be a great way to help announce and transition to a new logo.

Completing today’s work

Although a brand change can be costly, just take it in phases and remember to search online for the best values. Now, you’re ready to move on to Day 5 of the Big Brand Challenge to prepare for brand liftoff!

Prefer to work through it later? Download the 2-page PDF version of Day 4 of the Big Brand Challenge.

AvatarSara Conte

Sara Conte is co-founder of Brand Genie, the creator of an affordable, automated brand builder for small businesses. Brand Genie automatically matches small businesses with a recommended brand personality through 12 easy questions. Small businesses can then quickly build a cohesive and well-designed Brand Kit, including a logo, business card, and website.