Business Funding Guide

Most businesses require outside funding, but many small business owners don't know where to find it, or how much to ask for. Whether you need loans, small business grants, angel investors, venture capital, crowd funding, or investments from friends and family, you can greatly improve your chances of securing business capital with our expert tips and how-to guides.


Getting Started

If you’re looking for more information about funding your business, you’ve come to the right place. From funding sources like VCs to Angel investors to explanations of funding concepts like startup costs and exit strategy, these articles will give you a foundation to build on.



In the process of seeking funds, it’s inevitable you’ll have to pitch your business. Reading these guides will allow you to put your best foot forward and feel confident pitching your business.


Angel Investment

Interested in angel investment? There’s a lot of material to cover so you’ll be perfectly prepped to approach angel investors: from where to find them to how to answer their questions.


Venture Capital

Is venture capital investment right for your business? Find out the requirements for receiving venture capital and get a glimpse into the minds of the most successful venture capitalists of today.


Loans and Grants

Loans are a very common funding method for small businesses, especially loans from the US Small Business Administration. These articles will tell you everything you need to know about qualifying for and securing a business loan.


Alternative Funding Sources

Crowdfunding, friends and family, online alternative lenders: check out these articles when VCs, angels and standard bank loans just aren’t viable choices.