Don’t get so wrapped up in work that you forget to stay up with the current events of the business world! Amid all of the chaos, grab a cup of Joe and take a short reading break.

1) Need some advice on business plan competitions? CNN Money gathered some competition advice from some past winners of the Rice Business Plan Competition. Palo Alto Software is a sponsor of the event this year, and our founder Tim Berry will be a judge.

2) Being an amazing boss is as easy as getting a doctorate in quantum physics. An article in Inc. Magazine from Scott Elser says that great management is about understanding that the job isn’t about you, it’s about your employees.

3) The new patent laws passed in the America Invents Act has many small business owners scratching their heads. Scott Shane of Entrepreneur explains why the new patent filing system could work against small businesses.

4) Downer alert — Fewer startups were launched in 2012, Entrepreneur reports. Though it seems bad, it might be a sign of a recovering economy, as opposed to a decrease in business interest.

5) Speaking of downers, Business Insider reports that women only get 4.2 percent of venture capital funding. A new study illustrates some of the reasons why women are so seldom funded by vcs.

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