I posted here last week about the example of Mark Zuckerberg and the controversy around Facebook. Three different people claim he stole their idea.

This morning Seth Godin answered an email asking why he gives ideas away in his blog:

“I responded that ideas are easy, doing stuff is hard.”

This comes up here frequently because I also get a lot of questions from people worried too much about the business idea when that isn’t what really matters. Sure, ideas are valuable, and it hurts when somebody else runs with your idea, but here’s more from Seth’s Blog:

“My feeling is that the more often you create and share ideas, the better you get at it. The process of manipulating and ultimately spreading ideas improves both the quality and the quantity of what you create, at least it does for me.”

“History is littered with inventors who had “great” ideas but kept them quiet and then poorly executed them. And history is lit up with do-ers who took ideas that were floating around in the ether and actually made something happen. In fact, just about every successful venture is based on an unoriginal idea, beautifully executed.”

“So, if you’ve got ideas, let them go. They’re probably holding you back from the hard work of actually executing.”

Tim BerryTim Berry

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