We’ve come a long way toward gender equality, in the workplace and elsewhere, but every day, there are still women feeling the negative effects of sexism in their lives. One of the arenas where change has been slow and large disparities still exist is the workplace. Especially for working moms in the United States, navigating things like the startling lack of paid maternity leave and the disheartening pay gap between men and women can be a major hindrance to a woman’s career.

Palo Alto Software wanted to dig deeper, and see how men and women both experience the realities of the modern workplace in United States. We talked with a thousand people, across professional levels, and got their input, which we’ve compiled in this great infographic seen below.

From experiencing discrimination and the pay gap, to maternity leave and kids in the office, the data shows that we’re not equal yet.

Have you experienced sexism in the workplace? Are you a working mom or dad who would like the U.S. adopt a more family friendly corporate culture? What would you like to see change about gender norms in the workplace?

We encourage you to join the conversation, whether it’s sharing the study and the inforgraphic shown here, or tweeting us @bplans with the hashtag #notequalyet to voice your thoughts and experiences.



AvatarSabrina Parsons

Sabrina has served as CEO of Palo Alto Software since 2007.