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We are a software company and we are currently developing our Business Plan.  There is a debate as to whether the operational plan, or internally focused portion of the business plan, is actually included in the “external” business plan itself?  We intend to use the “external” business plan in the traditional sense to acquire funding, create a sense of focus for the organization etc.  What is appropriate?

The operational component of a business plan is critical to successful implementation.

A business plan is much more than an attractive resume for potential investors. An investor is more likely to be impressed with a plan that shows real potential for successful implementation. It will be difficult to paint a picture of a successfully implemented plan if you don’t include the operational components of the plan. For example, the sections of the business plan that discuss the management team, and any gaps in the team, tend to carry a lot of weight with investors.

Investors will often look to key operational components of the business plan to determine if the correct pieces are in place for successful implementation of what appears to be a winning idea or concept. Some of these components include:

– Management Team
– Management Gaps
– Milestones
– Strategy and Implementation
– Organization Structure

I suggest that you include the operational components of the plan in the plan presented to potential investors.

I hope this information helps.

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Cale Bruckner

Cale BrucknerCale Bruckner

Cale has developed a strong insight for what works and what doesn't work when it comes to business plans and marketing plans. He has business degrees in marketing and management from the Charles H. Lundquist School of Business at the University of Oregon and a solid background in business management and product marketing.