Can you communicate the core of your business plan in just a couple of minutes? How about in a single 140-character tweet? Our new Bplans Business Pitch tool can help you develop and refine your core message.

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Elevator pitches made easy

It is increasingly important to be able to distill your startup or business idea down to its essence. Our new pitch tool makes it easy, walking you through each of the elements that potential investors and partners expect to hear. These are simple high-level questions like:

  • What problem do your customers need help with?
  • What’s your solution?
  • What’s your business model?
  • What’s your competitive advantage?
  • And so on…

Each step includes expert advice and handy tips. You can even dress up your pitch with your company logo or head shot and a link to a video version of your pitch on YouTube. And you can save a copy of your pitch as a PDF to share internally or email to your advisors.

Once your pitch is published on our gallery, you will get ratings and comments from our community of entrepreneurs and small-business owners with ideas on how to improve your pitch.

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