It was a pleasure to meet Sean on a sunny May morning in Austin while I was there for an event. Gooden Sweet turns out to be a great example of how a business can be built around meaning and purpose, and making the world better in a small but specific way.

It starts as a tribute to a fallen brother who loved doing what the business is now doing. From there it’s a story of doing something very well. In Sean’s case, its about doing cookies as well as anybody can, with a lot of care and a sense of the art of it. And it’s also a story of growing slowly but solidly, without outside investment; and a story of business planning as management, a tool for optimizing a business.

Tim Berry

Part One:Sean Gooden (watch it on YouTube)

Part Two: A year in, how are you doing?

Part Three: Tell us about the start-up process.

Part Four: How has the planning process helped your business?

Part Five: What do you want to tell people about Gooden Sweet?

Part Six: Where do you see Gooden Sweet in 3 to 5 years?

Many thanks to Sean for his time and for sharing his story with us!

Company: Gooden Sweet Gourmet Treats
Founded: 2010
Description: Gooden Sweet Gourmet Treats -Exquisite cookies baked daily using all-natural ingredients, real butter and premium chocolate, then delivered fresh to you! Whether you order wholesale, retail or want a dessert just for yourself or someone special, Gooden Sweet Gourmet Treats stands up to its promise.  We guarantee a sensational taste experience that will keep you coming back for more!