We’re very excited to welcome Lisa Bruckner as a guest author on the Business in General Blog. As you’ll read below, Lisa is starting a new business as a consultant for the fast growing business The Trunk Club, based in Bend Oregon. We’re looking forward to hearing about Lisa’s journey as she starts and grows her business! ~’Chelle Parmele

After a parenting-induced sabbatical, I rejoined the business world as a Certified Trunk Club Consultant. It’s an exciting prospect since I love the work I do. Working from home and the flexibility to make my own hours is downright ideal. It’s a right turn from my previous work-a-holism in the research sector for twelve years, but it’s a perfect match for my love of fashion and my people skills.

Starting a new home business was unexpectedly overwhelming for me. This may sound naïve, but I thought it would be simple in comparison to starting up a new research grant. However, I found myself spinning after I purchased a Blackberry, iMac (I’ve been a PC gal for over two decades) and a printer-fax-copier monstrosity, all within a four day period. Don’t laugh yet. With the help of my loving husband, I also joined and created profiles in Twitter, TweetDeck, LinkedIn, Facebook, and TypePad (and realized my husband’s help came at the cost that most were created with passwords only he remembered). On day five, I launched my new men’s blog: Wasabi Nights and simultaneously began my rigorous training to become a Certified Trunk Club Consultant.

It was like learning how to speak seven new languages all at once in addition to retaining a massive amount of information I was learning from Trunk Club corporate through webinars, reading material and online research. Our home life was reduced to DIY meals and laundry basket diving.

I am learning first hand the simple things; like how helpful Twitter can be, and its limitations. I am surprised to discover how effective Facebook is for direct communication, far beyond the power of email. I love the simplicity and ease free webcam based services like Skype and Tokbox allow me to communicate with people who would otherwise skim, skip or forget my emails and calls. Blogging is an exhausting and time consuming experience but by far the most fun method of communication. I learn daily from my blogging experience and can’t wait to perfect it (if that is truly possible in such a dynamic, virtual world).

I have learned so much in the past five weeks and I am excited to share my hard earned pearls of wisdom, struggles and discoveries. I look forward to sharing more in-depth details about specific topics soon.

Lisa Bruckner is a consultant for Trunk Club – a first class service which revolutionizes the way men buy clothing. She writes for two men’s blogs: Wasabi Nights and The Trunk Club Blog and spent twelve years in the research sector before switching gears to follow her passion for fashion.
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