Call this a do-it-yourself blog post: establish your preconceived notion first, then do the reading to reinforce what you wanted from the beginning. For this post, we’ll do it with work/life balance in your startup.

If you want to justify total lack of balance, read I don’t Believe in Work Life Balance as a Startup Person, and How to Save Money Running a Startup. And stop there. The first one is a discussion on and the second is a blog post by Jason Calcanis. In that second one, pay close attention to his tip number 11.

And if you’d rather justify the life side of the work/life balance, read read Pamela Slim’s Unicorns, rainbows, and work-life balance on her Escape From Cubicle Nation blog, and Chris Brogan’s Pay Yourself First. Both of those were posted yesterday.

Hmmm … isn’t this upside-down logic exactly what we do in politics these days? Jump to the conclusion first, then read only the arguments that reinforce the conclusion? But that’s an idea for a different blog post.

Tim BerryTim Berry

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